12 habits of highly healthy people

My Academy of Health Excellence is excited to provide a holistic and comprehensive wellness initiative developed by Mayo Clinic and 24 aLife to benefit our health minded members.  It is called the 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People. 


Researchers from Mayo Clinic studied the behavior of thousands of healthy people and found there were 12 habits common to most of them. They then tested these habits through a wellbeing program for employees.  The result is a program that was carefully designed to implement meaningful and permanent habit change at any age and stage of life.


The easy-to-follow guide emphasizes purposeful and actionable behaviors that are not often considered typical activities associated with wellness, such as forgiveness, laughter, trying something new, and addressing addictive behaviors. It is about living life fully and well. Some habits may seem easy or difficult, but all are beneficial!


This information is delivered to our members 2-3 times per week in the form of videos, short articles and tips though an app on their phone. 


These behaviors include:

1.   Physical Activity

2.   Forgiveness

3.   Portion size

4.   Preventive healthcare screening

5.   Adequate sleep

6.   Trying new things

7.   Strength and flexibility
8.   Laughter

9.   Family and friends and socialization

10. Addressing addictive behaviors
11. Quieting our minds

12. Practicing Gratitude

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