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The most important part of a wellness program is to understand and become engaged and invested in our own health. We support this premise by providing state of the art health risk assessment tools (in lieu of a medical exam) to identify risk factors for future disease and to establish a wellness baseline. We have partnered with leaders in the wellness industry to provide guided surveys for our members that reveal areas needing improvement and focus on designing strategies that create lasting, meaningful change in the lives of our members. These strategies include comprehensive online tools and resources, complete with incentive trackers, mobile apps, FitBit integration, group/individual challenges, trackers, goal setting tools and much more.


One new smart health tool uses artificial intelligence and is one of the wellness tools available to My Academy of Health Excellence members. The tool is based on the work of Dr. Joseph Pizzorno. It’s the first and only tool of its kind based on artificial intelligence and took 15 years to develop.


This platform uses artificial intelligence and a comprehensive risk assessment to identify each member’s underlying health risks based on their medical history, dietary habits, level of exercise, exposure to toxins, lab results and, if available, their genetics. A score of 1 -1,000 is possible, and the member is given a list of recommendations based on rigorous evidence-based physiological research and functional medicine principles. 


Recommendations include lifestyle modifications, dietary modifications, and suggestions for nutritional supplements. The objective is to promote restoration of ideal function while emphasizing personal education and self-care.


The tool:


  • Uses physiology to see illness trends;

  • Uses advanced health risk assessments for deeper analysis;

  • Looks at toxins, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, blood markers, genomics, medications used, and more.

  • Sometimes sees cellular signals before other tests see anything;

  • Can use natural strategies to prevent illness before drugs and surgery are needed; and

  • Addresses the root cause of illness instead of the symptoms


This artificial intelligence platform based on functional or natural medicine, provides invaluable information in understanding the root cause of chronic illness long before disease ensures.  


We provide these risk assessment tools at no cost to our members so they can understand their risks and take responsibility for their health based on scientifically proven strategies.

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